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Use the button below to book your 30 minute Zoom consultation. Not really into chatting? No problem! You can submit the form at the bottom of this page instead and we can go from there.

During our consultation, we’ll detail exactly what you’re looking for in our engagement. I’ll offer what I know about production possibilities to enhance what you have in mind. We will also go over the timeline of your project, the materials, and any finishing touches to add for impactful presentation.

Once we’ve come to an agreement, I’ll collect a deposit of 50% of the total amount quoted in order to get started. I’ll collect materials and information and create samples to show you, either in person or by email. You’ll be responsible for double-checking accuracy of information.

I will produce the project according to our timeline — typically this ranges between one and six weeks — and have it ready to deliver to you. Once payment is received in full, the goods are all yours.

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