Truly, the possibilities with calligraphy are endless, between what we’re writing with, what we’re writing on, and what we’re writing. I have experience in many different calligraphic hands, or styles, and can combine different styles to create a dynamic and memorable piece for you. From letters on a skateboard deck to elegant handwritten placecards, I can add style and craftsmanship to the words you want to say.


We talk about the occasion for your piece or project and I get to know who it’s for and what thoughts and ideas surround it. We also discuss preferences you have and questions I have to further even out the concept. I collect a deposit from you to get started. I come up with sketches and run them by you. All original artwork comes finished and ready to hang unless otherwise specified.


If this is something we’re having printed, then you get to see three proofs to make sure the information is accurate and you’re happy with it before it goes off to print. Once printed, I assemble the order if necessary and do any calligraphy we’ve agreed on. I collect the remaining balance from you and deliver your order to you.

Inspired? Excited? Let’s Get Started.