College Graduation Invitations

I was honored to letter the invitations for this graduation celebration. The graduate, Chris, earned his Master's of Science in Planning at the University of Arizona. Chris and his wife purchased invitations from the university, which came slotted with a small card for the graduate fill in their name and degree. The cards were promptly recycled and I set to … Continue reading College Graduation Invitations

March Engrosser’s Script Regroup

Calligraphy Practice of minuscule a.

March, because that's the upcoming month. Engrosser's Script, because that is the script I feel the least confident in. Regroup because I want to form a better foundation to spring off from. Briefly, Engrosser's Script is a cursive calligraphy hand based on ovals. It is written with a pointed nib that produces both broad strokes … Continue reading March Engrosser’s Script Regroup