I write return letters from Santa and mail them to the kiddos in your life — Your son or daughter, grandchild, niece, or even your neighbor! This is my 4th year writing custom, personal letters by hand in calligraphy from Santa to children. Use the form on this page to get your request in. I’ll walk you through it:

  • Send me a picture of your child’s letter to Santa or paraphrase it
  • Include what they did well this year — at school or at home, other activities, or something they’ve been working with. I include anything you’d like to commend them on: taking good care of a pet, learning to read, helping with a new sibling . . .
  • If you are an Elf on the Shelf family, tell me your elf’s name and what they have observed
  • Include your child’s Christmas wish
  • If you’d like, Santa can mention something they need to work on in order to earn the wish!
  • Submit payment and shipping information.

From here, I compose and write a letter in calligraphy and send it to you in an envelope addressed and illustrated by hand. The last day I accept orders is December 15th to allow for delivery from the North Pole.

This is a fun and additional way to tell your children that you notice what they’re doing and you’re proud of them. These letters also make a wonderful keepsake and are nice to have to remember the Christmases that have gone by. You know how quickly they pass.


$25 for one letter
$40 for two letters
$50 for three letters

Use the form below to get your request in! If you have questions or a different idea, send me an email at casesensitivedesigns@gmail.com. I can also contact you by phone if that suits you best!

Once I get your request, I’ll invoice you through Paypal and we can get started! Thank you for your interest and I wish you a warm and lovely holiday season with your friends and family!


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