Santa Letters

Santa Letter

Here we are at that wonderful time of year again, coming up to us fast. Thanks to the generous and wonderful grandmothers my sons have in the family, the seed of Santa was planted in their hearts at a young age. Since then, I have done a fine job of encouraging this concept in our house and I think I have one more year to go until my youngest can figure out the truth. In the meantime, last year I quietly advertised to family and friends that I was calligraphing return letters from Santa to their children. I asked them to email to me what they would like the letter to read as per their child. I then did the calligraphy by hand for each one for the letter and the envelope and mailed it from the North Pole. Each letter was fun to write as the parents and relatives had interesting requests. I confessed as Santa that the reason little Ryan couldn’t have four real Ninja Turtles in a box with green slime was that turtles can’t live in the North Pole but maybe a different pet would be more appropriate. I also wrote to advise against using ice cream as paint on the walls and another child was commended on how incredibly helpful she’s been with her new baby brother.

The letters were such a big hit with the families that this year I am extending this service to you and yours. I will be accepting orders from now until December 15th. Just use the contact form below to submit your letter to me by email. Anonymously send one to your niece, your neighbor, your own child, or anyone you think who needs one!  Some clients request one letter addressed to all of their children, some prefer one to each. Have some fun with it! I will send a letter anywhere worldwide. Thanks for stopping by!

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