Koi Fish Woodburning


A few months ago, Jonathan Estrin over at Grind Skate Club posted a photo of a woodburning he did of a koi fish. I liked it and commented on it and he asked if I’d like to do some lettering around it. We’d previously talked about collaborating on a piece and I’m happy that this is the first one! He mailed it to me and here is a photo of it before I get my mitts on it. He also wrote several haikus to choose from for this piece and we finally decided on one. I laid a large piece of tracing paper over it today to see how I want to arrange the poem around the circle. I already played with letters last week, so I know what kind of calligraphy I’ll use. Looking forward to transferring it and burning it into the wood. Jonathan also suggested an ink overlay, which I’ve never done before, but I think I can manage!

While I’m waiting for the green light on letters, I should direct you to Jonathan’s Instagram account so you can check out his work. He does amazing custom stencils and artwork, some for skateboards, hence the username.  Can’t wait to update this project with more photos!

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