Hand Carved Memorial Frame for Beloved Pet


This is a picture frame that I customized for the owner of a dear departed pet. The couple supplied the frame and photo to me. The calligraphy is in a hand called Engrosser’s Script. I kept the letters clean and simple for this memorial piece. I started by drafting out the lettering; writing the name several times until I was happy with the letters and their spacing. After that, I cut the name out of the paper and taped it to the frame where I wanted the letters to be. Then I used carbon paper to transfer the design to the wood. I gently carved the letters into the wood using small carving tools, then I sanded them down. I worked watered down acrylic paint into each letter in stages, wiping away the excess paint and allowing each coat to dry. The client and I discussed burning the letters into the piece as well, but decided light letters would be more visible. I sealed the lettering with a spray finish and delivered to the good home of a good dog.