Friedrichs Wedding

What started as a small project — “Renee, will you write the numbers on the chalkboard painted wine bottles for the tables?” grew into, “Jessi, why don’t you let me letter the quotes you want to display in the corks of each?” and quickly spread to wedding signage and escort cards. It hit the books as my first wedding as a calligrapher, April 27th, 2015.


As mentioned above, the bride, Jessi, saved several wine bottles in preparation for the tables at the reception. She removed the labels and painted each with chalkboard paint. She sent them with me in boxes with extra paint just in case and a box of white chalk. She liked the look of home made presentation. I used 2 pencils taped together to map out the outlines of each letter before coloring them in with the provided chalk, I did two or three coats of chalk, spraying a sealant between each layer. The last bottle was for the bride and groom table. I used a paint marker to letter their names and the date and a quote on the back of it. After the bottles were dry, I stuffed newspaper between each bottle in the box for added precaution.

Jessi chose lovely quotes to display atop each bottle. She sent them over to me and I set to work with white ink and black cardstock, drawing in the guidelines for each piece.

many waters 2

She also had ideas for signs for the favors and for guest participation while her and her soon to be husband were taking photos. She placed each of these signs in a frame so guests could see them as they explored the venue.

date night ideas

The bridesmaids helped Jessi create these intricate floral escort tags that she carefully displayed on a piece of lattice. I lettered in the names around the ribbons and flowers and most guests took their cards home with them.

escort cards

The couple wanted a sign to display to friends and family thanking them for their love, support, and time. They purchased this mirror to have the message inscribed upon. I used a Sharpie paint pen with a chiseled edge to letter this one.


It was a wonderful evening and a beautiful wedding, I was happy to contribute my time and services!


Photos Courtesy of Steven Palm Photography