I painted this one while I was doing some sketches for a business card design. I love skulls because they remind me of how similar we are to each other underneath it all. And that no matter who we are or what we do, the science and reality of our mortality is always with us. … Continue reading Skully


Peggy’s Cove

This is the first watercolor painting that I was ever truly happy with. Watercolor takes time to learn to understand the dynamics of, and even more time to get it to do what you want it to do when you want it to. At least it did for me. This lighthouse is at Peggy's Cove … Continue reading Peggy’s Cove

Seek the Wearer

Original watercolor and calligraphy join together in this piece. I created it as a gift to my classmates to celebrate our graduation from yoga teacher training late in 2016. The text is one of many brilliant writings by the poet Rumi: "Know then that the body is merely a garment. Seek the wearer, not the … Continue reading Seek the Wearer

Sunshine and Moonshine Set

Simple line drawings that I intended to be tattoo designs, these turned out much larger than I thought they would! A radiant sunshine emerges from behind clouds, while a crescent moon shines in the sky. Each print measures 6" x 6". In the photo, each is matted and framed in an 8" x 8" frame.

Golden Escort Envelopes

    Beautiful navy blue gouache on mini metallic envelopes spell out names of guests for an escort display at an October wedding in Tucson. Custom mixed color, all calligraphy by hand! Loved working on this one. Each escort envelope features the guests' names, handwritten with a pointed flexible nib. Inside each envelope is a white … Continue reading Golden Escort Envelopes

Death is Nothing At All

The poem is from the perspective of the deceased, a comforting reminder of all the ways they never truly leave us.

Pumpkin Trio

Ohhhh I looooove pumpkins!! I love the character of their shape, the twist in the stem of each one, and how wide they are but how narrow and shapely each section is. This is a watercolor of a trio of them for a client. Glad she loves pumpkins as much as I do!   Prints … Continue reading Pumpkin Trio