March, because that’s the upcoming month.

Engrosser’s Script, because that is the script I feel the least confident in.

Regroup because I want to form a better foundation to spring off from.

Briefly, Engrosser’s Script is a cursive calligraphy hand based on ovals. It is written with a pointed nib that produces both broad strokes and fine lines. It is written at a constant slant of 55°. Engrosser’s Script, also called Copperplate, truly is a beautiful hand that allows for lots of variation, decoration, and personalization. While I am very familiar with it, I do not feel comfortable with it. I am always questioning my form, spacing, and general execution. Therefore, I think it’s time I devote some serious time to study and practice this script and befriend it. And so again, for the month of March, I will be sharing my journey with you, lovely reader.

For the first two weeks of the month, I will be focusing on the lowercase letters of the alphabet, also called miniscules, and drills. Drills help the body build muscle memory so as to facilitate the letters with less effort. Study is crucial when learning different scripts. That’s the only way you can learn the subtleties and nuances of each script. And once you have a firm foundation in the style you’re learning, you can play around with variations and ornamentation. The following two weeks will be devoted to majusules, or uppercase letters. The last part of the month, I will be practicing on passages.

Specific areas I would like to improve begin with the miniscule ovals. This is important because these are the foundation for consistency of space and shading in the script. If you can get the ovals to be the same size and on the same slant, then the lettering will look cohesive. I would say my two main problems with ovals are getting the shade, or the darkest and heaviest part of the letter, on slant. My other challenge is to get them to be all the same shape. I think I struggle with this because I am writing too fast. In the past, lifting the pen at both the baseline and the header like has helped me to slow down and stay focused on what the pen and my arm and hand are doing. I also need to pay close attention to what the letterforms look like and how they transition from one to the next. This would eliminate the awkward patches from my script.

I will be using Zaner’s Engrosser’s Script exemplar to work and study from. Some of the most helpful drills I have seen are from Nina Tran. The drills she shares ask me to manipulate a pen in ways I would never think of. Check me out on Instagram for regular updates and progress. Here’s to a productive month of March!


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