Helpful Articles

Put the pen on the page and write. Could it be more complicated than that? Absolutely. Start with the articles below. For more details and a 4-part Introduction series, subscribe to my email list.

Glossary This is a growing list of terms that I regularly use when I write about calligraphy and realize you may or may not know what I am referring to.

What I Wish I’d Known When Starting Calligraphy  There are some things I learned from experience and from preference, and there are some things that deterred me from even wanting to sit down to write.

Materials Study and practice make up most of the foundation of successful calligraphy. Having materials that interact well will add to your success.

What is a Calligraphy Nib?? I’ll give you a brief overview of how a nib works and describe two of my current favorites.

Beginning to Write and Practice Here I go over choosing a script and what to practice.

Tips for Guidelines and Why You Need Them We’ve all seen the videos of magical lettering with seemingly no point of reference. Keep in mind that the artists that can work like that have thousands of hours of practice. And that practice was with guidelines.

Common Issues Here are a few points that even experienced calligraphers still practice.