A friend was recently telling me about how well received her Chicago-themed artwork is in Chicago, where she currently lives. I’ve never visited, but she said that it’s like a cult-favorite town: if a client is from there, they stand by it, if a client is visiting there, they fall in love with it just as hard as a native. It got me thinking about what people have told me about Tucson over the years. In fact, the first person to express the following thought to me was actually from Chicago: He told me that Tucson became his hometown, so that he missed it while he was away and felt relaxed when he returned. I have heard that sentiment many times since.

I know that every time I return to my home, this city, the first thing I look forward to seeing is the Santa Catalina mountain range. As a child, I could see it every morning through my bedroom window at my great grandparents’ house and through the large window of their kitchen too. When I see the mountains now after having been away, I feel grounded, rooted, and safe. The line of the Catalinas offers me the joy of my history.

And so the series was born. Our city is so diverse and offers many experiences to many different people. We have iconic historical buildings, views, hiking trails, landmarks, and sunsets. I want to capture the nostalgia and make the viewer feel like they’re here one more time through watercolor paintings and pencil sketches.

Whether you’re from Tucson or not, comment below with your favorite place here and why it makes you feel like you’re at home. You might just see your favorite desert spot featured!

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