This is a growing list of terms that I regularly use when I write about calligraphy and realize you may or may not know what I am referring to. I listed it first on the Learn page so that you would have some understanding as you start to go through the articles. As always, I am open to answering questions and clarifying. Just send me an email!

rule up — draw guidelines on a page

baseline — the line on which most letters rest                                                                       ascending line — lines that extend above the x-height
descending line — line that extends below the x-height
x-height — height of lowercase letter                                                                               guidelines — lines on a page that help you keep your script confined and consistent

miniscule — lowercase letter
majuscules — uppercase letter

upstroke — a stroke that is written from the baseline upward                                 downstroke — a stroke that is written moving down toward the baseline

nib — small metal instrument that fits into a holder, forming a pen. See What Do You Mean, “Nib”?? for further explanation.