The first thing I see people do with an envelope addressed in calligraphy is feel the texture of the words. Your invitations are the first impression your friends and family get of your event, so start the party with style. Leave the calligraphy to me so you can concentrate your efforts on other details.

Below is a guide to the whole experience.

  1. Consultation We’ll discuss the atmosphere of your event and develop the details of your order: amount needed, just outer envelopes or inner ones too, postage, script styles, text alignment, address etiquette, rsvp addresses, texture and lining of envelopes, and ink colors. Book your consultation here.
  2. Secure Your Spot I’ll invoice you for 50% of the total cost of the arrangement. Once that’s taken care of, provide me with the envelopes — including 20% more than the total for testing ink, for extras, and for corrections — and all names and addresses as you’d like them written in an Exel spreadsheet. 
  3. Calligraphy I mix any custom ink and review the spreadsheet for any questions I have or discrepancies. Then I get to sit down and pen them. Allow 1 week per 100 envelopes, and know that I’ll take good care of them while I have them.
  4. Complete Payment As I near the end of your guest list, I’ll invoice you for the remaining balance. By the time that’s paid in full, I’ll be finished with your order and be able to promptly return it to you.

Now all that’s left is for us to start a conversation.