Custom Calligraphy

Express yourself with custom calligraphy. Your intention and ideas serve as the backdrop for the meaningful words you’d like me to pen. Words are powerful and have a lasting effect. I listen closely to how you want yourself represented in your request and offer my experience to support it. My work will showcase your joy, gratitude, and respect toward the person you’re sharing with. The thought and time you put into this for them will create a lasting impression.

Custom calligraphy pieces I make range in size from 8″ by 10″ to 2 feet by 3 feet. I normally work on canvas, watercolor or fine paper, and canvas. I am experienced in several different styles of writing and I love to choose the ideal letters and materials to present your message. Pictured below, clockwise from the top left are:

  • A birth information wall hanging for Eloise Parker, 10″ by 22″
  • An excerpt from The Little Prince, acrylic paint on wood panel; 8″ by 10″
  • A wooden Arizona state-shaped appreciation piece for a classroom teacher
  • A Last Name Display for the bridal table at a wedding, 8.5″ by 11″, gold ink on glass

Custom Calligraphy From Start to Finish:

  1. We’ll arrange a verbal chat (book your slot!) where you describe your ideas and the occasion to me. I offer ideas based on my abilities, knowledge of materials and production, and presentation. We’ll discuss a timeline and important concepts around the piece you want produced.
  2. I’ll collect a non-refundable deposit from you, gather materials, and get started. All materials I choose are archival quality and the final piece is present to you is ready to hang and enjoy.
  3. I update you throughout the process and invoice you for the amount due before I deliver or ship it.

Let’s Get it in Writing.

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