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Expanding My Style with Bent Nibs

I never made time to get to working with them, and then along came this workshop.


Tips for Guidelines and Why You Need Them

After I finished a recent large commission in Spencerian script, a few people who viewed it were struck at how straight and evenly spaced the lines of text were. One person commented that if he didn’t know better, he would think he was looking at a computer printout. This is not by magic or talent! It took hours to rule up the page!! I … Read More Tips for Guidelines and Why You Need Them


Letters From Santa

A Santa Letter is a custom letter handwritten in calligraphy from a parent to their child or children, sent under the guise of Santa. That’s who Santa is after all, isn’t it? And no one knows better than you the wishes and triumphs of the little ones you love. You see their struggles, their progress and accomplishments. You laugh with them and know all … Read More Letters From Santa

+ "Saguaro Blooms" Limited Edition Linoleum Print

Saguaro Blooms Linoleum Cut

It’s late April and the saguaro cacti are blooming again! Simple white flowers cluster atop the arms of the cactus, resembling crowns. I love the elegance of the lines in the flowers and I wanted to include the blooms in my I Left My Heart in Tucson series. Here’s how I created this set of linoleum block prints!


“Have I Told You Lately” Wall Hanging

I really couldn’t help thinking, as I sat down before the blank canvas, “Well I may have to start over, but I’ll try it anyway.” I mean, I’ve been making art for about 20 years. And I tell you, I thought, “I wonder if Van Gogh thought that about his work.” If he had that kind of attitude. And if he did, then maybe … Read More “Have I Told You Lately” Wall Hanging

Santa Letters 2016 and A Year in Review

As I worked on Letters this year, this being the 3rd year I’ve done them, I realized that they measure my progress in calligraphy and in business. This year, I advertised them and posted about them a lot and got great feedback from peers and potential clients. This upcoming year, I’m developing an email list, so I should have a lot more orders. I … Read More Santa Letters 2016 and A Year in Review


I Left My Heart in Tucson: Sights and Scenes That Make Me Feel At Home

A friend was recently telling me about how well received her Chicago-themed artwork is in Chicago, where she currently lives. I’ve never visited, but she said that it’s like a cult-favorite town: if a client is from there, they stand by it, if a client is visiting there, they fall in love with it just as hard as a native. It got me thinking about … Read More I Left My Heart in Tucson: Sights and Scenes That Make Me Feel At Home


“Mountains” Wall Hanging For Nursery

When my client, Jennifer, came to me with the idea of this piece for her nephew’s bedroom, I already had these letters floating around in my head. The alphabet is called Lombardic and lends itself to wonderful illustration and ornamentation. These letters are entirely drawn, line by line. Some letters are based on the shape of a circle, but there are many avenues for … Read More “Mountains” Wall Hanging For Nursery


Medieval Themed Graduation Gift

Couple Brad and Ana came to me with dreams, a sweet sketch of an art piece, and an 8″ x 10″ picture frame for their son who is graduating with a Master’s of Art in Administration from Grand Canyon University. They brought a photo of him to me with the inspiration for this project: a suit of arms complete with a helmet and a battle axe! … Read More Medieval Themed Graduation Gift

+ Dr. Seuss Excerpt. Original Watercolor and Calligraphy by Case Sensitive Designs LLC

Dr. Seuss Watercolor Excerpt

Pretty sure this was a gift to soothe a broken heart. The quote reads, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” Many times after any kind of stormy night, it can seem astounding that the sun can rise after so dark a time. I decided that would be a fitting … Read More Dr. Seuss Watercolor Excerpt


Ben’s Bells Workshop

We were bribed with doughnuts. And downtown. On our day off. My sister Leticia and I have gone to a few workshops presented by Susana Starbuck and Theresa Delaney of Creative Tribe Workshop. For this one, they partnered with Alyssa of Social Dogooder, an organization dedicated to spreading positivity and a sense of community in our city through events and meetups. For this workshop, … Read More Ben’s Bells Workshop