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Becoming a Calligrapher

Honestly, for the first five years, I was waiting for calligraphy to become serious about me.

Threshold Calligraphy for Yoga Oasis

“Friend, our closeness is this: anywhere you put your foot, feel me in the firmness under you.” –Rumi


Handmade Collage Book

Once the collage pages started coming together, or rather as I cut them apart, their energy and composition were so much more magical than what I could’ve created on my own: than what I could have creates without letting go and trusting the process. Not that there isn’t a place for meticulous planning, but this was a juicy experience that freed me from getting lost in the details.


“With the Heart” Calligraphy Birthday Gift

Ed, my client, called me on the telephone and tentatively asked if I could letter an excerpt in calligraphy as a gift for his new girlfriend. I smiled and said, “I do that all the time.”


Floral Versal Letters

I wrote and illustrated these versal capital letters as two matching spring-themed calligraphy pieces for a lovely client.


Eloise Birth Page

Illuminated calligraphy piece showing Baby’s Birth Measurements and Astrological Placements


Pay Attention to These 4 Things for Better Calligraphy

Item #1 might surprise you.


On Studentship

I offer an expanded list of the things that have worked best for me in my own studentship as an adult.


My Calligraphy Studio Edit (Confessions)

I am always honored that anyone would ask me to pen the words that carry their gentle messages. I am so glad that my studio space and my practices now reflect this.

+ Calligraphy Seating Chart on a large mirror for spring Tucson wedding

How I Wrote in Calligraphy on a Large Mirror

There were about 130 guest names to be written, divided among 13 tables, on this 6 foot tall mirror.


What I Wish I’d Known When Starting Calligraphy

I share what I wish I’d known when I got serious about pursuing calligraphy in order to support you and the success of your calligraphy practice.

Common Calligraphy Issues

Here are a few points those new to calligraphy seem to struggle with. I know that learning calligraphy is a slow and intensive process.