Learning Spencerian Script, Week 3

Falling, falling, falling for this beautiful script! I adore its simplicity and its quiet grace. Since I learned Copperplate script first, I mentally contrast the two scripts as I work with Spencerian and a major weak spot that's presented itself is the notion that since Spencerian was designed with speed of hand in mind, I have … Continue reading Learning Spencerian Script, Week 3

Saguaro Blooms Linoleum Cut

"Saguaro Blooms" Limited Edition Linoleum Print

It's late April and the saguaro cacti are blooming again! Simple white flowers cluster atop the arms of the cactus, resembling crowns. I love the elegance of the lines in the flowers and I wanted to include the blooms in my I Left My Heart in Tucson series. Here's how I created this set of … Continue reading Saguaro Blooms Linoleum Cut

San Francisco Workshop with Paul Antonio

I couldn't believe I was going. When Paul announced that he'd be starting to teach classes a little over a year ago, I commented that I'd go overseas to learn from him. And then he announced the teaching tour and I wanted to be one of the first to sign up. Why I wanted to … Continue reading San Francisco Workshop with Paul Antonio

“Have I Told You Lately” Wall Hanging

I really couldn't help thinking, as I sat down before the blank canvas, "Well I may have to start over, but I'll try it anyway." I mean, I've been making art for about 20 years. And I tell you, I thought, "I wonder if Van Gogh thought that about his work." If he had that … Continue reading “Have I Told You Lately” Wall Hanging

I Left My Heart in Tucson: Sights and Scenes That Make Me Feel At Home

A friend was recently telling me about how well received her Chicago-themed artwork is in Chicago, where she currently lives. I've never visited, but she said that it's like a cult-favorite town: if a client is from there, they stand by it, if a client is visiting there, they fall in love with it just as … Continue reading I Left My Heart in Tucson: Sights and Scenes That Make Me Feel At Home

“Mountains” Wall Hanging For Nursery

When my client, Jennifer, came to me with the idea of this piece for her nephew's bedroom, I already had these letters floating around in my head. The alphabet is called Lombardic and lends itself to wonderful illustration and ornamentation. These letters are entirely drawn, line by line. Some letters are based on the shape … Continue reading “Mountains” Wall Hanging For Nursery