Express to Impress.

I believe in the sincerity of human beings. And next to that sincerity is the absolute need to express it in ways that are fitting, personal, and natural.

Unique Expression

Your desire to use my work to express sincere communication inspires me to search my depths for the most tailored way I can present it. Occasions can be any combination of casual, serious, personal, lively, expressive, chic, or minimal. Where you and your intent intersect is where I find my work.

Diverse Choices

My pieces are designed to delight and create a tactile experience. When the things I love about calligraphy — pen styles and textured paper, printing possibilities, and personal details — come together, they take the viewer’s breath away.

Quality Presentation

We enjoy items with our senses first. What could create more anticipation than a luxurious paper envelope with a little weight to it, addressed in calligraphy that you can’t resist running your fingers over? How ecstatic would you be if you were gifting a passage written on aged paper in an antique frame, ready to hang?  You are the liaison between my work and what you’ll do with it next. I carefully pack and present you with final pieces that you can’t wait to show off.

I always have a discovery process and am respectful of boundaries. I look for what overjoys my clients, what adds a spark to our conversation and exchange. I draw from this energy and add lifestyle elements to the information we’re trying to convey, resulting in elegant pieces with heart. I consistently educate myself about printing processes and materials so the right possibilities for our collaboration come together harmoniously.