• “With the Heart” Calligraphy Birthday Gift

    Ed, my client, called me on the telephone and tentatively asked if I could letter an excerpt in calligraphy as a gift for his new girlfriend. I smiled and said, “I do that all the time.”

  • Floral Versal Letters

    I wrote and illustrated these versal capital letters as two matching spring-themed calligraphy pieces for a lovely client.

  • Eloise Birth Page

    Illuminated calligraphy piece showing Baby’s Birth Measurements and Astrological Placements

  • "Fields" in calligraphy

    Keepsake Bridal Calligraphy

    Get behind the scenes of how I created this custom piece for Jase and Brittany’s bridal table, from concept to creation.

  • Place cards written by hand in calligraphy by Case Sensitive Designs LLC

    Spot Calligraphy for Tucson Wedding

    I love to deliver work like this to my clients organized and ready to go. Planning an event like this requires so much attention to detail and I enjoy doing my part to minimize the energy my work requires for display.

  • Fresh flowers resting on handlettered calligraphy

    Death is Nothing at All

    The poem is from the perspective of the deceased, a comforting reminder of all the ways they never truly leave us. I love gift commissions — I enjoy ferrying love and thoughtfulness from one person to another.


We enjoy items with our senses first. What could create more anticipation than a luxurious paper envelope with a little weight to it, addressed in calligraphy that you can’t resist running your fingers over? Each invitation you send is a heartfelt request and everyone likes to see their name written in calligraphy. Use the button below to learn more about your options and book me.

Seal the Deal



Your desire to use my work to express yourself inspires me to examine why we’re doing what we’re doing. Where you and your intent intersect is where I find my work. I choose between calligraphy styles, writing tools, and surfaces to express all elements of your message.



My pieces are designed to delight and create a tactile experience. When the things I love about calligraphy — pen styles and textured paper, printing possibilities, and personal details — come together, they take the viewer’s breath away. Trust me, we have options.



We enjoy what life offers with our senses first. How ecstatic would you be if you were gifting a passage written on aged paper in an antique frame, ready to hang?  You are the liaison between my work and what you’ll do with it next. I carefully pack and present you with final pieces that you can’t wait to show off.


Here’s a small collection of articles I wrote to introduce you to the practice of writing calligraphy. All you need to get started is a pencil and paper, and you can add more as you improve.