Case Sensitive . . .

. . . as in each piece is treated with the individual attention it deserves. It’s not one size fits all from this Tucson Calligraphy Studio — I incorporate different calligraphic scripts and materials to tailor my work to the occasion. Let’s express to impress.
  • “With the Heart” Birthday Gift

    Ed, my client, called me on the telephone and tentatively asked if I could letter an excerpt in calligraphy as a gift for his new girlfriend. I smiled and said, “I do that all the time.”

  • Floral Versal Letters

    I wrote and illustrated these versal capital letters as two matching spring-themed calligraphy pieces for a lovely client.

  • Eloise Birth Page

    Illuminated calligraphy piece showing Baby’s Birth Measurements and Astrological Placements

  • "Fields" in calligraphy

    Keepsake Bridal Calligraphy

    Get behind the scenes of how I created this custom piece for Jase and Brittany’s bridal table, from concept to creation.

  • Place cards written by hand in calligraphy by Case Sensitive Designs LLC

    Spot Calligraphy for Tucson Wedding

    I love to deliver work like this to my clients organized and ready to go. Planning an event like this requires so much attention to detail and I enjoy doing my part to minimize the energy my work requires for display.

  • Fresh flowers resting on handlettered calligraphy

    Death is Nothing at All

    The poem is from the perspective of the deceased, a comforting reminder of all the ways they never truly leave us. I love gift commissions — I enjoy ferrying love and thoughtfulness from one person to another.


Everyone likes to see their name expertly written by a calligrapher — myself included! Each invitation you send is a heartfelt request. Let your envelopes express that with calligraphy.
Seal the Deal


I’m an open book when it comes to calligraphy, whether you’re teaching yourself or would like a little more structure.
Pick Up the Pen

Unique Expression

I choose between calligraphy styles, writing tools, and paper to show energetic and sentimental elements of your message.

Diverse Choices

I work in broad and pointed pen calligraphy in carious script styles, paper styles. Trust me, we have options.

Quality Presentation

My work is carefully treated, organized, and well-packaged. I design to delight and keep the tactile experience of the viewer in mind from start to finish.